Dr. Joseph R. Soileau is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has practiced veterinary medicine for forty one years. Most of that time was spent in a small animal practice in Lake Charles, LA, but he has enjoyed returning to his roots in rural Allen Parish. He maintains membership in local, state, and national veterinary associations and acquires continuing education hours well above what is needed for licensure. He is an avid gardener and loves to fish white perch.
Dr. Sara Myers- Sutton is a graduate of Louisiana State University. She enjoys small animal practice and is our avian and exotic veterinarian. She has practiced for fifteen years and is very much appreciated by our pet owners for her genuineness and compassion. She enjoys spending time with her family and horses and dabbles with a few cattle and goats.
Office Manager
Stephanie Samford is a wife and mother of two boys and maintains several dogs and horses. She has been known to raise various birds and wild animals, as well. She enjoys people and takes great pride in helping our clients with their many and varied problems. She has been involved in veterinary medicine for twelve plus years and is the main cog that keeps our hospital running smoothly.
Dawn Merrel has taken over the receptionist’s desk after quickly establishing herself as a valued member of our staff. She is still learning all the intricacies of a veterinary practice, but is a quick learner and is dedicated to helping our pet owners and their babies. Please take the time to get to know her and let her guide you when admitting your pet.
Michael Soileau has worked for us during his high school years and learned a great deal about veterinary medicine and the workings of a veterinary practice. He is starting McNeese State University the fall of 2012 and will study in the pre-veterinary curriculum with hopes of getting into veterinary school. He will be in and out during this time, but we hope to support him on his journey.

Patch is very choosy about who she deems worthy of petting her although she will ask anyone to stand by her food bowl while she eats. She can be a little grouchy at times, but usually tolerates people who love her.

Momma Cat has decided life on the outside was getting a little dangerous for an old lady and chosen to reside in the kennel. She knows she is the “Queen” and loves to monitor the residents and let them know she is royalty.