We are happy to provide an online store for our client’s convenience. As a client you can go online and purchase medications and supplies and have them delivered directly to your home.

Medical: High quality comprehensive medical care and diagnostics is our primary goal. We offer our clients a modern veterinary facility with the latest modern equipment for treatment and diagnosis. We are very proud of the investment we have made that enables us to serve our community to the fullest.

Listed below are the medical services we offer:

  • Yearly exams with a full line of vaccinations for small and large animals
  • In house diagnostics such as blood chemistry analysis, parasite evaluation, heartworm tests, parvo tests, feline leukemia and aids tests, Digital Radiography, Ultrasound and bull fertility testing
  • Avian and exotic medicine and diagnostics
  • Microchip implantation in large and small animals
  • Laser Treatments

Surgery both soft tissue and orthopedic in small animals with modern safe anesthesia.
Anesthesia monitors during and after surgery.
Pain management during and after surgery.
Minimal equine surgeries such as castrations and laceration repairs.

Dentistry: Dental evaluations, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing and extractions as needed in small animals.
Equine teeth floating and wolf teeth extractions.

Small Animal Boarding and Grooming Modern air conditioned boarding kennels with a spacious exercise yard.
Two professional groomers for all your pet’s needs.

Mobile Services: Farm calls can be made when owners are unable to bring there horses or cattle into our treatment facilities.
Calf pulling services both in house and farm calls.

End of life services: Humane euthanasia and interment or cremation.